Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two steps forward and now one back

Eli has been doing so well at home. We have been able to adjust to life and now this. We are back in the hospital. Last night we were getting ready to head out for Friday night out with the family. As Maggie says, "I want to do something fun!". So I went to give Eli a bath and upon taking his shirt off discovered what looked like a large purple marble under his scar in his chest.  We instantly called our nurse as well as sent her pictures. She then called back and said pack a bag that we were coming back to the hospital. Sorry Maggie, no fun for us tonight. 

Once at the hospital and settled into our room they took some blood and said now we wait. And wait and sleep(some) and wait. 

Well as it turns out, Eli has an infection in his blood. They will continue to monitor him as well as give him antibiotics. They are concerned with it spreading and so are taking precautions to prevent that. Best case scenario is that his body reacts well to the medicine and a couple of days from now we go home. Worst case scenario is that they have to open him up again and clean the infection out as well as keep him here at the hospital for awhile. 
Obviously we are hoping for the best. In the meantime we continue to wait. 


  1. praying for that gorgeous little boy!!!

  2. thanks for the update! Praying for BETTER than the best! Love youguys!

  3. FOR THE LOVE! This is my 4th time attempting to write this comment! For some reason my computer keeps flipping me to a different website!

    Anyway, I'll make this super short and sweet... just realize my last 4 attempts were much more heartfelt!

    1. Eli is gorgeous!
    2. I wish you guys didn't have to go through all of this crap!
    3. Israel, you're a really funny writer
    4. i love you guys and will be praying for baby boy!

    As we say in Korea, "Eli fighting!" (which basically means: You can do it Eli!)