Saturday, May 3, 2014

The When, Where and Why

Thank you Eli for guest writing and catching everyone up to speed. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, look at the last blog entry) I am going to try and fill everyone in as best as possible. This might be new information for some and old news for others. So here is the when, where and why.
Let's start with the why?
Eli was born in 2010 with a severe heart defect. There are a lot of medical technical terms but basically Eli is missing the right side of his heart. At the time of diagnosis we were told Eli would have to have 3 open heart surgeries. His first one was eight days after he was born. His second surgery was at 3 and a half months. Now we are getting ready for his third, and hopefully final surgery.
So where will this happen?
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Eli's first two surgeries were done here in Phoenix. After a lot of prayer and consideration we have decided to go to Philadelphia for his surgery. Philadelphia is known for their outstanding cardiac care for children and one of the top centers in the country. Our surgeon is going to be Dr Spray. He is the best, which helped in our decision.

When will this happen?
Eli's surgery is scheduled for June 10th. We will be flying out on June 2nd for a week of testing before the surgery. We will give more details to our itinerary when it gets closer.

One last thing.
We have an amazing group of family and friends both here in Phoenix and across the country. We are grateful for you all. Obviously going to a different city is not an easy thing but we know that you guys will still be there. We appreciate your love and prayers. We love you all.

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