Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Because the penthouse is how I roll

Well it has been an eventful week for sure. A week ago I was cozy and warm, swimming around in my own private swimming pool. It was dark with no lights at all and then all of the sudden....BAM! What the heck was that. I feel like I am being pushed off a cliff or out a tunn.... Lights! Holy cow lights. It took a minute to adjust to the lights and people grabbing me and poking and what is this place, I want to go home. STOP (wah!)

After all that drama they finally put me in my moms arms. That was nice but only lasted a couple of minutes and then off to be handled by more hands and machines and constant beeping. It can get a little old (I really don't even know what that means) after a while.

After two days of sharing space with 4 others it was nice to get recognized for the rockstar that I am and moved up to a single room penthouse. No offense Tre, little girl with the wagon that my sister liked more than me or Jesus (not the God who made me but the kid next to me) I just had to get out of there. 

So up to the good life I went, with flat screen tvs and fake hard wood flooring. The best has been the constant attention of mom, dad, visitors and nurses. I love all of it except the diaper changes.

Since then not a lot has happened. I just lay around and eat and sleep. And then the occasional dreaded diaper change. I even had them take blood from my foot and it didn't even phase me just please don't change my diaper.

So I guess the last thing to share before I take my 3rd nap of the afternoon is I overheard the doctor telling my mom and dad that my surgery will be tomorrow at noon. It should last about 3 hours total and then they will bring me back to the same room. I am not sure what that means or what to expect but I will be really happy once I can leave here and go yo my new home. Dad says there are so many people who would love to meet me and so I can't wait to meet you all.

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  1. I like Eli's perspective of things...it's Legit, way to Process it all out Buddy.