Monday, July 12, 2010

The plan....

As with my first pregnancy, I have developed a complication with my liver. This complication requires the baby to be delivered early. Delivery needs to be between 36-37 weeks then (instead of the normal 40). I will be 37 weeks on Wednesday.

So the plan is, I will be admitted to the hospital today for an amniocentesis to check to see if Eli's lungs are developed. If they're not ready, I will be sent home. If they are, we will start the induction process later tonight. My doctors' hope is that Eli will be delivered tomorrow.

Israel and I want to thank you all for the outpuring of love to us. Your friendships mean so much to us.


  1. HIs Healing is there for you're taking.

  2. Jesus has already accomplished our healing. The same virtue that raised Him from the dead is resident within every believer. ( Eph.1:19,20.) It's a done deal. All we must do is believe and give physical substance (Heb.11:1) to what's already true in our born-again spirits. It's infinitely easier to release something that we already have than try to get something that we don't have, and we already have healing. Start releasing your healing by confessing and acting on your faith instead of trying to use your faith to ask God to heal you. He's already done it.

    Andew Wommack