Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well it started off slow. Kati was pretty popular having so many doctors and nurses coming in to see her. So many names and faces. "Hello I am so and so and I do this. I am Dr (enter name here) and I will be doing (enter some medical term here) once Eli is born. I can't tell you what they all do or did but I am forever grateful for this amazing group of people!

Kati was progressing pretty well, considering her last delivery took 3 and a half days. Her doctor was pleased with her progress and really wanted to deliver Eli himself but seemed to think it would be later in the evening. Then it happened.
4:50PM - a nurse checked Kati with her Dr in the room and said well you are at a 6. Wow a six that's awesome. We were told that probably means delivery by 7 or so. I went to find Kati's mom to update her
5:03PM - I'm on the phone with Kati's sister Drea trying to work out dinner plans for me (think what you want but an expecting father has to eat)
5:06PM - I walk back into the room to see Kati in some considerable amount of pain despite having an epidural. She looks at me with the look I understand as GET OVER HERE! and then politely says to me where have you been? I pull up a chair next to her and say, I'm sorry I was taking care of getting food. (poor choice of words) She begins to squeeze my hand which I know means here comes another contraction and with my other hand I text family and friends letting them know she is at a 6.
5:16PM - A doctor comes into the room to give Kati some pain medication and once he has done that the nurse decides to check her.
Nurse - Ok let's see what we have here. Are you feeling a lot of pressure?
Kati - Yeah I think so.
Nurse - Oh wow I feel the head.
Kati - What I'm at a ten?! (for us guys that don't understand, ten is that magic number where Europe's song The Final Countdown starts playing and people start to get in the catch position because it is on like donkey kong)
Nurse - Ok don't do anything I need to call some people.

Within minutes the room is filled with 10 to 12 doctors and nurses all ready to do what they promised us. I was trying to distract Kati and have her focus on me so she would not get overwhelmed. At the same time texting Drea - forget the food it is happening now!
5:32PM - Eli Brooks Whittemore is born weighing 5 lbs 5 oz.
Kati did amazing. She was taken to the operating room after to have a DNC done (procedure to help get all the placenta remnants out) She lost double the amount of blood but is doing ok today.
Eli is doing awesome. Able to breathe on his own and everything. He has already hit on a few of the nurses which makes things a little awkward but boys will be boys. I will try and have pictures as soon as I can get some posted. I will try and update later today what and when his heart surgery will be.
Thanks again to all of our amazing family and friends. Your messages of love and encouragement, hope and prayers always seem to come at the right time.


  1. So happy to hear that you are all doing well! Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations Whittemore Family!
    Tonka trucks and monkeys....... and I am happy to hear Eli is doing so well.

  3. Yay!!! Welcome Eli "Tooter"!!! (If you haven't seen Maggie's video, be sure to watch it!) Thrilled to hear how well he is doing. Squeezes to all four of ya'll! Love and prayers sent your way!

  4. Welcome Eli! Congratulations and well done Kati.

  5. ha haaa!! fantastic writing israel-- felt like we were there :) and praise GOD!!!! still praying for baby Eli!!!

    love you!

  6. Welcome sweet boy! Congrats!!!

  7. YAY! Welcome to the world Sir Eli! We are praying for youguys a lot and love you massive! xoxoxo


  8. Welcome, little Eli!!! So excited you have come! :)

  9. Good job Kati! Your a pro! Thinking of you night and day